Month: February 2016


Places to visit while in Bali: Ubud

When you spend your time in Kuta, hanging around at the beach or surfing and you want something else, go to Ubud. This beautiful mysterious place is 25km north from Kuta and such a majestic place that you can’t skip it during your stay at Bali. Ubud is a really green village in the middle … Continue reading Places to visit while in Bali: Ubud


Awaiting Balinese new year, Nyepi

Just like the other Indonesian islands, religion is an important part of the Balinese people. On most of the Indonesian island the main religion is Muslim, but on Bali the biggest religion, with 93% of the population, is Hinduism. The Hindu religion is like the red threat in their live. Everyday, offers are made for … Continue reading Awaiting Balinese new year, Nyepi


The best surfing spots in Bali: Beginners

Bali is a true paradise for surfers from all kind of levels, it’s good for beginners to learn how to surf but the pro’s can show their skills on one of the many beaches were the waves reach above 5ft. In total Bali has more than 30 great surfing spots. If you want to go … Continue reading The best surfing spots in Bali: Beginners


Wild animals in Bali

Bali has so much more to offer than only partying or going to the beach. Besides the beautiful beaches, the nightlife, the wonderful Temples and the breathtaking nature, Bali offers a big variety of wildlife. The wildlife varies from little rare birds to big mammals.   Birds Bali has a total of 280 different species … Continue reading Wild animals in Bali