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Oackle Bloc Junior Challenge

O BLOC JUNIOR CHALLENGE MAY 27, 2007 – PADMA BEACH Padma Beach just north of Kuta was the site of the inaugural Oakley BLOC Junior Challenge under 16 surf competition. The rising sun lit up the glassy faces of the solid 2-3 foot beach break, with some of the big sectioning closeouts creating long horizontal … Continue reading Oackle Bloc Junior Challenge


Paddling is the basic method of maneuvering your surfboard. It is an essential part of surfing. Many people new to surfing under-estimate the importance of being able to paddle well. Being able to paddle effectively can make the difference between a poor and a god surfer. Paddling affects your ability to get out to the … Continue reading Paddling

Surf Board Shapes

Surfboards have changed dramatically thought the ages as surfboard makers constantly strive to design better boards. The first surfboards were made from wood. Surf boards to day are made from light-weight foam and fiberglass. Surf boards come in all lengths and thicknesses. This is so that the appropriate surfboard can be chosen for: Use in … Continue reading Surf Board Shapes