Bali Surfing Information

Airport Left Bali Surfing

Airport left is as the name says in front of the airport runway in Tuban, about 1.5 kms south of Kuta Reef and about 1km offshore. Once again, the go is to hire a local boat to get yourself out there, that way you can save your energy for the waves. Wet/Dry Season Dry Season … Continue reading Airport Left Bali Surfing

Airport Right Bali Surfing

Airport Rights is situated on the southern side of the airport runway, you can’t see this wave from Kuta. The only way out here is by hiring a boat and you have to expect to pay a little bit extra as its a lot further out than the rest of the reefs in this area. … Continue reading Airport Right Bali Surfing

Balangan Bali Surfing

Balangan is located down towards the southern peninsula, it used to be a hard place to find but now there is a sealed road that will just about take you all the way in there. The reef is right infront of the beach and only a short paddle out required. Wet/Dry Season Dry Season – … Continue reading Balangan Bali Surfing

Bali Surf Camp

Bali Surf camp is aimed to provide the surfers with a wide range of Bali surfing activities to experience the most unforgettable journeys to the island . By joining a Bali surf camp , you can really discover as well as explore the island of Bali completely. Also, surfers will be brought to the exciting … Continue reading Bali Surf Camp

Bali Surfing Competition

It has been admitted that surfing is one of the greatest invitations that attract people to come to Bali . Surfing is now even a great industry. All the international products are competing to be the main sponsors of any events, contest, competition, or festivals in Bali which insert surfing as the main attraction. No … Continue reading Bali Surfing Competition

Bali Surfing For Beginners

Bali has been highlighted as heaven for surfers, for either professional or even the ones who just learning to surf Bali . All surf spots offer the same thing, you can name it amusement! If you are a novice surfer, there are some basic Bali surf lessons to be acquired before you go surfing, you … Continue reading Bali Surfing For Beginners

Bali Surfing Locations

Bali Islands  for sure meets all of your surfing needs. Friendly people, perfect location, good accommodation, friendly weather, and the best Bali surf lessons school. Whatever level of surfing that you have, still you are going to have a great surfing time as well as a chance to learn to surf in this Surfer’s Paradise … Continue reading Bali Surfing Locations

Best Time To Surf In Bali

Generally speaking, Indonesia has two seasons along the year which are dry and rainy season. Especially in Bali , when the season’s changing, there would be a high waves or in bahasa we call it musim ombak . The more visitors prefer to come especially from May to October to experience a wide range of … Continue reading Best Time To Surf In Bali

Bingin Bali Surfing

Bingin is the next reef south of Balangan Bali Surfing, for the most part it’s always been pretty easy to find. Traveling from the Kuta area your on a good sealed road, but be warned the last 500 mtrs of unsealed road is bad, very bad. The reef is close to shore and only a … Continue reading Bingin Bali Surfing

Essential Equipment

Surfing is getting more popularity at the present time. For those who have experienced surfing realize that knowing the complete surfing equipments is a must. Both for novice and professional surfers, surfing is not all about just having surfboard. There are a lot of optional equipments that need to be known since they will be … Continue reading Essential Equipment