Bali Surf Camp

Bali Surf camp is aimed to provide the surfers with a wide range of Bali surfing activities to experience the most unforgettable journeys to the island . By joining a Bali surf camp , you can really discover as well as explore the island of Bali completely. Also, surfers will be brought to the exciting surf spots with their own unique attractions. Bali surf camp is also engaged with surf school Bali [such as Odysseys Surf School], meaning you will gain double benefits within one package activities.

The good surfer accommodation is what you will also get while you’re joining Bali surf camp .The place is usually a private bungalow with air condition. All the surfing equipments for Bali surf lessons activities have been provided by the organizer therefore you don’t need to bring along anything with you. You will get Bali surf lesson several hours a day with special extra time that enables you to use surfboards for free.

Automatically, you need to be mobile when you join the Bali surf camp . The trip will use boat, as a means to discover the great waves around the camp area. For the more convenience, you may also use jeep and mountain bikes if you desire to explore further. Joining the Bali surf camp is more than just experiencing the waves, it’s also about enjoying the overall Bali ‘s views that you cannot behold anywhere.

Tell the world you’re joining a Bali surf camp with Odysseys. Through this exciting Bali activity , everyone is guaranteed to be stress-free, being pampered by professional Bali surf activities as well as the accompanied by professional instructors and also the nicest local people that always smile and greet you. More than that, the Bali surf camp takes places in the interesting Bali surf spots where you can find the uniqueness and specialties of Bali , from foods, shopping corners, traditional ceremonies, and more. Definitely, you wouldn’t miss all those great stuffs while joining Bali surf camp .

Contact Odysseys Bali Surf School for more important information on special Odysseys Bali Surf camps schedules (ocassionaly not regular) or perhaps you may want to know about our Bali Surf Lessons schedules?