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Customer Feedback

Haaman Thobrani

19 March 2010

Hi it’s me Haaman Thobrani from Malaysia, I just want to say Thank you to Odyssey for teaching us how to surf, especially for Gary and Yu thank you so much you guys are great, very skillful, very attentive and friendly.
We really enjoy our time surfing with you guys and definitely we will come back real soon: ^^

Damien Kimezia from British

21 March 2010

Odyssey instructors are very good and always give nice feedback on how to improve my surfing skill. The staffs were amazing and always helpful for what I need. I would give A+++ for them.

Nick West and An Nguyen from Canada

18 March 2010

What can I said for Odyssey, the Instructor was totally amazing and very patient. Even I cannot stand in first hour they keep try harder to make me stand on the first lesson and guest what they did.
Besides the surfing, the service was awesome start from pick and drop service to the hotel, also very responsive when we were making reservation.
Thank you so much for the beginner surfing experience.

Nadia Fong

2 November 2010

I Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons, I really, really did enjoy myself. Thank you so much ^.^ !!

Eka is the best teacher I have ever had. She catered for each students level and most importantly remained calm and very cool throughout the whole lesson. Eka YOU ARE JUST AMAZING hunnie (: ! Keep up the good work luv and show those silly boys what real girls are made of, oh?! I was disappointed that we weren’t able to take a picture with you, because you really are the best ^.^ !!! åŠ æ²¹!!!!

Made is such a CUTIE! You have such an adorable smile! Haha… Made luv you spoke so soft I especially couldn’t hear you when the waves were crashing! Thank you so much for making the experience of surfing so enjoyable. I left me craving for more even though the lesson was over and was totally puffed out! Hope you continue instructing for a long while so that next time I come around, we can have a ‘surf off’, oh?! ;D Smile on luv xox

Edy thanks for your hospitality. I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t go out for drinks after, but thats life, oh?!

O.M.G.!!! I really really loved the place that you recommended us to have dinner on our first night. I still don’t know where we went but to go for a swim in the open ocean and then be able walk a few metres back to the shore where the wait staff serve you a full range for seafood…..oh my good lord! It was indeed the BEST DINNER I’ve had yet! Thank you luv ^.^ !!

All the best guys! Hope to catch you on the surf(except for Edy…he is just too WHITE!) ;D

Mwah! xoxox


I forgot to mention that only when guys wear green hats means that he just broke up with his girlfriend! It’s the truth…I swear! ?


Emma Hillner

29 September 2010

Hi! best surf-schoolHi!Just want to thank you for the best surf-lessons I ever could have. (last week wednesday and thursday, 22-23 sept)It was really fun and my instructors (forgot their names) 🙁 they were also very very good. The best personalities I ever met, so cool, cute and nice guys! Couldn´t you guys please send me an e-mail or add me att facebook??
Miss you, and Bali a lot, it is so cold here in Sweden!!!