Surf Instructors

At Odysseys Surf School, we’re committed to customer safety, a top priority that helps makes us the best surf school in Bali. Our professional and accredited surf instructors are thoroughly trained and have completed courses in Advanced Resuscitation, Senior First Aid of the International Standard and Bronze Level Certification for Lifesaving Surf Rescue. Furthermore, our certified surf instructors in Bali have completed Surfing Instructor Level One from the Australian Academy of Surfing Instructors.

Our focus at Odysseys Surf School blends learning, fun and safety while developing practical skills for confident surfing, this is the core of our surf lessons. Every one of our professional surf instructors is fluent in both English and Japanese, allowing safe surf in Bali thanks to easy communication!

Our trusted instructors warmly welcome surfers of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and levels of experience. From beginners level to intermediate level surfing, they’ll help you break through barriers that you may have thought were impossible. Odysseys instructors absolutely love seeing their students standing up on the surfboard and riding waves, yet another reason we’re the best surf school!

During your Bali surf lessons or surf tour, you’ll quickly see that our instructors are not only dedicated and full of energy, but they’re also thorough when teaching and demonstrating the various surf skills to students. Surfing in Bali should be fun. Our patient, understanding, and compassionate instructors will make sure you have the best time possible, especially the beginners.

Everyone is welcome to take part in our surf lessons regardless of color, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, political affiliation or national origin. Here at Odysseys we don’t discriminate against anyone and we believe everyone deserves nothing but the best treatment for your Bali surfing experience.

For those new to surfing, you’ve come to the right place. We’re pleased to provide you with a safe environment to learn how to surf in and top-rated support from instructors who know the local area. We’d love to see you progress at surfing on a Bali surf tour with Odysseys Surf School someday!