Best Time To Surf In Bali

Generally speaking, Indonesia has two seasons along the year which are dry and rainy season. Especially in Bali , when the season’s changing, there would be a high waves or in bahasa we call it musim ombak . The more visitors prefer to come especially from May to October to experience a wide range of Bali/Kuta activities. June to August is even better to explore the entire Bali Island .

For the best surfing as well as Bali surf lesson experience along the year, July has been admitted as the best month. However, on the west coast, the best timing to go surfing is between April and October since in that time the off shore wind is occurring, making it better for surfing as well as starting learning to surf .  Mean whilst, on the east cost, the best timing to surf is between middle November and early March. In addition to that, on the east, the reef breaks is better for more experienced surfers.

In Kuta beach, the best time along the year to learn to surf is from March to November. At that time, the trade winds are blowing offshore. Mean whilst, in Sanur beach, the best time of year for experiencing the exciting Bali surf lessons in this spot is from November to March. Also that is the period with the trade winds offshore.

June until Sept are the most crowded periods for all experienced and novice/beginner surfers to learn to surf since this is the period for dry season throughout Bali Island. During this dry season you get offshore ESE trade winds hitting the western Bukit breaks. Moreover, the water is cooler at that time. Even better, the skies will be bright and clear, making your overall Bali surf lesson the most exciting one. [Odysseys provides Bali surfing lessons for beginners and intermediate levels, please see our surfing classes and packages for more info]

Bali boasts the rainy season between December and March, generally this is not considered the best season to begin surfing or having Bali surf lessons . At that period, the weather will make the surfing time a little bit unpredictable. Usually, surfers expect to experience surfing in Bali without being bothered by the rain. All the Bali/Kuta activities , including surfing and learning to surf Bali surely need sunlight and tropical atmosphere to feel the real Bali in such a way.

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