Essential Equipment

Surfing is getting more popularity at the present time. For those who have experienced surfing realize that knowing the complete surfing equipments is a must. Both for novice and professional surfers, surfing is not all about just having surfboard. There are a lot of optional equipments that need to be known since they will be used when you are surfing or just starting to learn to surf Bali .

The main equipment for surfing is a surfboard [ You can even rent surfboards instead of bringing your own. At Odysseys we rent top quality surf boards ]. The size of surfboard determines the comfort and safety of your surfing , in short, size really matters when you choose the surfboard. The bigger foam surfboard you use, the easier you will catch the waves. If you are a novice surfer, a long surf board will be better to use. Furthermore, to achieve maximum surfing performance of your Bali surf lesson , you are strongly advised not to use the light and thin board.

Wetsuit is also important as the main surfing equipment beside surfboard, making your Bali surf lessons activities the most comfortable ones. You should ask for advice from the advanced surfers about the suitable wetsuit that matches your need. Especially in cold water, you will need good wetsuit to ensure your comfort while you surf. Make sure whatever you wear, it makes you surf or learn to surf Bali as long as you can.

There are a number of surfing equipments that you also need to get to know while you learn to surf Bali . Surfboard wax will stop you from slipping off the surfboard while paddling and surfing. Mean whilst the protective foam covers are made of foam and protect nose as well as tail of surfing board from getting damaged. And Surfboard leash is used to avoid your loose the broad since the leash is attached to the board on one end while the other end is fastened to your leg.

While you surf or just learn to surf Bali, you are suggested to wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, and gate helmet. You need to protect your eyes , head, and skin since they are exposed to the sun for a long time during your Bali surf lesson . When it comes to summer, the sun shines even brighter and hotter. Therefore using sunscreen and sunglasses are compulsory when you are starting to learn to surf Bali .

When surfing , everyone wants to be safe and the injury can be minimized or even be avoided. However, still you must provide your self with the first aid kit in case the accident happens. Even it’s small injury you have to cure it right away before going to doctor or hospital for further treatment. Wherever you go surfing or having Bali surf lessons , put first aid kit in your backpack.

Contact Odysseys Bali Surf School for more important information on surf equipments rentals to surf Bali. Or perhaps you would like to rent our great surf boards ?