Airport Left Bali Surfing

Airport left is as the name says in front of the airport runway in Tuban, about 1.5 kms south of Kuta Reef and about 1km offshore. Once again, the go is to hire a local boat to get yourself out there, that way you can save your energy for the waves.

Wet/Dry Season
Dry Season – April/October

Best Swell Direction

Best Size
4-5ft Airport left starts to close out if it’s any bigger than that.

Best Winds
SE Tradewinds

Crowd Factor
Airport left can also get crowded, and is a favourite with Japanese surfers. It’s not a super hollow or powerful wave and the waves only run for about 50-70 mtrs.

Some say that the other name of Airport Lefts is Pertamina, since the site is close to a government-owned hotel named Pertamina. Even though it’s not excellent, the break is bigger than Kuta Reef. The students of Odysseys Bali Surf School  could find some lefthanders in this spot. Those lefthanders had so much fun with their primary as well as second take-off peaks. This surfing spot sometimes boasts the waves up to eight feet.

The best timing to surf in this spot is from mid to high tide. Sometimes the winds blow strongly while you surf, taking you off the top. Another time, the great wave energy is able to give you an exciting barrel. If you wish to get out in comfort way, you can hire a canoe driver. Implementing your surfing skill in this site makes your Bali Surf Lessons improved greatly.

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