Airport Right Bali Surfing

Airport Rights is situated on the southern side of the airport runway, you can’t see this wave from Kuta. The only way out here is by hiring a boat and you have to expect to pay a little bit extra as its a lot further out than the rest of the reefs in this area.

Wet/Dry Season
Dry Season

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Crowd Factor
If the swell is up at the reefs in the Kuta area it’s well worth the trip around to Airport rights. It takes a bit of swell before this place starts to work. But if you have a high tide in the morning and a good swell to go with it, you can bet the rights are going off. Airport right is a classic right hand wave with rides up to 100+mtrs. When it’s in the 2-4ft range you can expect it to be crowded.

Odysseys Bali Surf School  is only a few kilometers far from this surfing site. When you are in the airplane, it’s easy to see the Airport Rights. The waves in this area are extremely great to surf. To enable you surfing optimally in this spot, you just need a powerful sea swell. Also, the solid waves will be required to optimize your surfing excitements.

Due to its strategic location, Airport Rights is often surfed. The beginner surfers who are joining the Bali Surf Lessons can do some exercises in this spot. No wonder if Airport Rights is getting crowded from time to time. The view is just great, for many times you can also see the aircrafts landing or taking off. Those who stay near Kuta or Tuban will find this surfing spot reachable and well worth experiencing.

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