Places to visit while in Bali: Ubud

When you spend your time in Kuta, hanging around at the beach or surfing and you want something else, go to Ubud. This beautiful mysterious place is 25km north from Kuta and such a majestic place that you can’t skip it during your stay at Bali. Ubud is a really green village in the middle of the jungle. Ubud is known for the nice markets, art, yoga, the many good restaurants, the monkey forest, rice fields and adventure activities. There are a lot of different things you can do, so make sure you stay in Ubud for 3 or 4 days. We will tell you about the best things to do in Ubud:


The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary:


When you visit Ubud, you can’t forget to give a visit to the sacred monkey forest sanctuary. This is more than just a forest with monkeys, it’s a beautiful forest with three different temples, statues and big a variety of different threes. The forest has a range of almost 10 hectare. There are many paths, which makes almost everything of the forest available for the tourists so you won’t miss a thing. Before you entrance the forest, the monkeys will be jumping for your feet. When you are in the forest, be careful for your belongings, the monkeys are fast as lighting and will steal your stuff when they have the opportunity. When you want to feed the monkeys, make sure it are fruits and not human snacks to keep them healthy.



Besides the monkeys, there are three temples spread through the forest: Pura Dalem Angung, Pura Beji and Pura Prajapati. All temples are still in use but for different reasons. At Pura Dalem Angung, the people worship to the God Hyang Widhi. At Pura Beji, the people also worship Hyang Widhi, but in the personification of the goddess Gangga. This temple is a place for purification before conducting the Piodalan, the ceremony. The third temple, Pura Prejapati, is contagious to a cemetery. The Hindus worship Hyang Widhi in the personification of Prejapati. Once in 5 years the temple is used for the mass cremations.



The forest is a mix of beautiful different trees and plants. There are more than 100 different threes in the forest, with some very special threes. The most special three is the Pule Bandak, which contains the spirit of the forest. This three is used to make special powerful masks. These masks are only used inside the temples and the threes are not killed to make them. The priest asks permission to the three on a special chosen day to cut a small piece of wood. That’s how the spirit remains in the mask.


Wild Water Rafting:

If you want to do some activities during your visit at Ubud, Wild Water Rafting is definitely a thing you should do. The rafting takes place on the Ayung River. The organization will bring you to the river in an open truck, which is super cool on its own. They provide you with a helmet and a life vest. From there it’s a long walk to the river, so bring some water with you, as you has to walk more than 500 steps downwards. But when you are there, it’s so cool. You are in a boat with max 6 persons. They prepare the boat, give some instructions and you are ready to go. The river it not really wild, at least not the part where we took off, but that’s ok because it’s still wild enough to throw you out of the boat. The view is really breathtaking. You are in the middle of the jungle. Green, big palm threes, big bamboo sticks, cliffs and some majestic waterfalls. This view will be the view during your whole rafting adventure and some places are even better than you could imagine. When you are lucky you can see some monkeys passing one of the bridges that’s made for them to pass the river. This adventure is about 12km which will take you about two hours. After an hour there is a break to have a refreshing drink and to gain some energy for the last part. When you are finished, the organization brings you back to your accommodation.


The rice fields:

Besides the beautiful beaches that Bali has to offer, Bali has a lot of rice fields in the center of the island. Ubud has one of the most beautiful working rice fields, called Tegallalang. When you get there, the view will take your breath away. Beautiful green rice fields, surrounded by big palm threes. This view is picture perfect. It’s hard to describe this magical place, you have to see this with your own eyes. You can have some drinks or a meal at one of the many restaurants among the fields and watch the view. We recommend you to go there around 16:00 and stay there until the sunset. You won’t regret this. This will be one the best sunsets you will ever see in your life.



Ubud is also known as a Walhalla for artists. So many painters and (wood) sculptors found their new home in Ubud. Many of their work can be found in their own boutiques. You can find beautiful paintings, sculptures, clothes and many more hand crafted product at the Art market. This market is open every day from 08.00 until 17.00. The market is located at the Jalan Raya Ubud, the main road, opposite to the Puri Saren Ubud Palace. It’s one of the best places in Bali to buy souvenirs. Near Ubud, there is the Buddha-to-Buddha factory, where you can fantastic silver rings or bracelets for a good price. Worth a visit as well.


These are, what we think, good things to enjoy your stay at Ubud. What do you think about it? We would love to read your opinion in the comments!