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Exercises to Improve Surfing

As you might have noticed, surfing requires many different skills from balance and coordination to strength. Surfing is physically very demanding. It is good to add some exercises to your daily routine that support your surfing. These exercises will improve your surfing, while keeping you in good shape when surfing is not available. First and … Continue reading Exercises to Improve Surfing


Surfing in Bali

You’ve just arrived in Bali and you’ve made a list of things you’d like to do on this beautiful island. And without a doubt learning to surf should be, or already is one of those things, but where are you going to learn how to surf? Odysseys Surf School of course! With free pick-up service, … Continue reading Surfing in Bali


Jet Lag

If you’re flying to Bali from far away the chances of a jetlag are pretty high, in order to reduce this jetlag we’ve listed a few tips. Set your watch to the new time zone Your transition to the new time zone should begin on the plane so you at least get yourself mentally prepared … Continue reading Jet Lag


Useful apps to use when you are staying in Bali

In Bali there are some necessary apps to make your life on Bali even better, whether you’re staying in Bali for a short holiday or for a longer time you’ll need these apps for sure! Gojek With the Go-Jek app you can do almost everything, If you want a drive by bike or by car … Continue reading Useful apps to use when you are staying in Bali