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Odysseys Surf With Orphans

Surfing is fun and for everyone. So, with Mercure Kuta Hotel and Rising Sun Surf Inn, we gave the children at the Jodie O’Shea House the opportunity to learn to surf. On 8th January 2020, 20 children learned to surf at Kuta Beach. In the beginning, they were introduced to surfing and beach safety. Besides … Continue reading Odysseys Surf With Orphans


10 Reason Why You Should Surf With Odysseys Surf School

It’s no secret that Bali has some of the best waves in the world. Each year millions of tourists visit for the opportunity to give surfing a try where the sun is shining, the water is warm, and where the conditions are almost always optimal for first-time surfers. With those millions of tourists, there are … Continue reading 10 Reason Why You Should Surf With Odysseys Surf School


Night Surfing

Bali is known for its many famous surf spots. This island is a dream for surfers, that’s why it is called the surfers paradise. Sunny weather for most of the year, even the wet season is warm and appealing to many tourists. With over 60 different surf breaks, all different difficulty levels, everyone can find … Continue reading Night Surfing


John John Florence wins the 2017 WSL title

Hawaiian John John Florence has captured a second successive world surfing title, completing his dream run in his own backyard at the famous Pipeline break. Florence’s title was confirmed when his last surviving rival to the World Surf League crown, Brazilian Gabriel Medina, was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the season-ending Pipe Masters. Florence went … Continue reading John John Florence wins the 2017 WSL title


Do’s and don’ts in the surf lineup

For your safety and the safety of others we’ve listed some basic lineup rules. If you learn these rules, you’ll learn that surfing is safe and fun 🙂 First, when paddling out to or within a break, it’s your responsibility to stay out of the way of riders on waves. Paddle well behind or well … Continue reading Do’s and don’ts in the surf lineup


Kids surf with Santa [2017]

The surf with santa event started out on Saturday, 9th December 2017 at 8AM. 3 busses full of excited kids from GOR Sweca Klungkung  evacuee shelter jumped out to have a day of fun and learning surfing with Odysseys Surf School! After a short introduction of the program of the day in Odysseys’s office, we took … Continue reading Kids surf with Santa [2017]