Surfing in Bali

You’ve just arrived in Bali and you’ve made a list of things you’d like to do on this beautiful island. And without a doubt learning to surf should be, or already is one of those things, but where are you going to learn how to surf? Odysseys Surf School of course!

With free pick-up service, included insurance, certified surf instructors, free safety lockers, high quality surf equipment and many more! Located just 10 meters from Kuta beach it’ll be really easy to carry the surfboard to the beach. And then the surfing begins! While you’re having a break you don’t have to go back to our office, instead you can stay on the beach under our umbrellas so you’ll be in the shadow. Here we’ll provide you with fresh water and there is a relaxing vibe.

Kuta beach is the best place to learn surfing in Bali because of whitewash waves you can have a really fun and long ride!

After you’ve finished your lesson you’ll have to carry your board just 10 meters back to the office, and you’ll get a towel and you can have a clean shower.

After your lesson you can check the photos and videos our crew has made of you, you can share these with your family and friends and you can become better at surfing because of the photos and videos. Do you want to know how? Check our previous blog!

 You can drop by our office to book a lesson or you can book them here!

Let us know your experience with Odysseys Surf School in the comments below!