Nyepi Day: A Guide for Visitors to Bali’s Day of Reflection

Nyepi Day or Silence Day is an essential celebration for the Balinese Hindu community in Bali, Indonesia. It is a day of silence, self-reflection, and meditation that falls on March 22nd this year. Visitors to Bali during Nyepi Day can expect a unique cultural experience, but it is important to understand the customs and traditions of the day to ensure a respectful and meaningful visit.

The day before Nyepi is called the “Ogoh Ogoh” festival, which is a lively celebration filled with parades, music, and dance. Huge and colorful monster-like effigies called Ogoh Ogoh are made and paraded through the streets of the entire island to symbolize the banishing of evil spirits. The festival is a celebration that ends with the burning of the effigies, symbolizing the release of evil spirits. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the festival and experience the energy and excitement of the celebration.

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During Nyepi Day, the entire island of Bali shuts down for 24 hours, with no lights, noise, or activity. Streets are empty, no fires may be lit, and even the airport shuts down for the day. However, people can still move around within their own compounds if necessary. Visitors are expected to stay in their hotels and not venture out, as the streets will be guarded by Balinese traditional police “Pecalang”. It is customary for people to stay inside their homes, fast, and avoid all entertainment and leisure activities.

Tips to ensure a respectful and meaningful visit during Nyepi Day:

  1. Plan your trip accordingly: Nyepi Day is a unique and important event in Bali, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly.
  2. Participate in the Ogoh Ogoh festival the day before Nyepi to experience the excitement and energy of the celebration.
  3. Respect the traditions of Nyepi Day by staying indoors and avoiding any activities that could disturb the peace.
  4. Stay at a hotel: Staying at a hotel is the best way to experience Nyepi Day, as hotels usually have activities and events planned for guests during the day.
  5. Learn about the customs and traditions of Nyepi Day from local sources to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the celebration.

During the celebration of Silence Day, Odysseys Surf School will not be operating from March 20th – March 23rd. However, reservation is still open, and you can book your next surf lesson in advance. We are available on WhatsApp or by email.

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