Surfing Safety Tips

Surfing is a blast but it can be a dangerous sport as well, especially when you don’t follow standard surf etiquette and common safety tips. Today’s blog is about surf safety because that’s one of the priorities of Odysseys Surf School.

Ride a safe surfboard

If you’re a beginner you’ll fall a lot, so with a soft-top surfboard you won’t get hurt that easy. It’s best to stay away from other beginners, because they can’t control the surfboard that good. Odyssey Surf School has high quality soft-top surfboards help you learn surfing in a safe way.

Protect your head

Protect your head if you fall of your board, your board can hit your head and that can be pretty painful. When you feel yourself losing balance put your arms over your head to protect it from getting hurt.

Use a Leg rope

Using a leg rope helps you to stay connected to the board. If you fall off your board the board won’t be pushed to the sea, or hit another surfer. If the waves are really big and you’re pushed under water, the surfboard will reach the surface and you can climb your leash to get to the surface.

Carry the board in the water

Carry the board on your side into the water, when you put the board sideways the board be pushed by the waves and you with it. Make sure to always point the front of the board straight to the waves to avoid painful situations.

Watch out for the sun

When you’re surfing the water will reflect the sunlight, so you can get sunburned really easy. To avoid getting a sunburn you can get a rash vest, this helps against the sun and against rash from your surfboard. For your face you can use sunblock so you won’t get burned! If you book your lesson with Odysseys Surf School you can use a rash vest for free.

If you want to learn surfing in a safe and fun way, try surfing with Odysseys Surf School! We provide safe equipment and our instructors will learn you the safe ways of surfing! You can drop by our office or book your lesson here!


Did we miss any safety tips? Let us know in the comments below!