Jet Lag

If you’re flying to Bali from far away the chances of a jetlag are pretty high, in order to reduce this jetlag we’ve listed a few tips.

Set your watch to the new time zone

Your transition to the new time zone should begin on the plane so you at least get yourself mentally prepared for the new rhythm. Once you’re on the plane, set your watch to the new destination’s local time and keep yourself awake if it’s still daytime there. Even if it’s light out at your destination, it may be difficult to stop yourself from falling asleep on the plane since the lights are usually dimmed. This can, however, work to your advantage if it’s nighttime in your destination, so you can sleep on the plane!

Don’t fill up on tons of food

Have you thought about the fact that the airplane food has an influence on your jetlag? This is often the case! Both in the air and on the ground, for example, carbohydrate-rich food can make you feel very heavy and tired. Rice, potatoes, pasta, as well as burgers during a stopover will increase your need for sleep, and can be really helpful when you’re flying east.

If you’re going west, however, you should choose lighter, more protein-rich food to help you stay awake. Meat, fish, or eggs will fill you up but not too much, so your body can use the energy to stay awake.

Drink plenty of water, but skip the alcohol and caffeine!

Air inside airplanes is usually quite dry and you’ll notice your skin stretch and dry up a bit since you’re deprived of water. So every once in a while you should get a glass of water to keep your hydration at a healthy level. Alcohol, however, is pretty strong and toxic when you’re up so high.

Adjust yourself to the daily rhythm of your destination

The absolute best way to combat jetlag is to get in the rhythm of your destination the second you get off the plane. Although it’s sometimes really hard – I know, beds are super attractive after a long flight – but you have to resist the temptation to have a snooze! A daytime nap is counterproductive and will only make your jet lag worse.

Take it easy for the first few days

The first few days you stay at your destination it’s best to slowly get used to the environment and time zone. So wait on your next adventure until the third day or so, and until then keep everything nice, stress-free, and relaxed. A long flight takes a pretty big effort from your body and it definitely deserves some time to recover. The toll on your body is especially bad if you fly from a cold area to a hot area, and vice versa. Your body needs a few days to acclimatize.[1]

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