The best surfing spots in Bali: Beginners

Bali is a true paradise for surfers from all kind of levels, it’s good for beginners to learn how to surf but the pro’s can show their skills on one of the many beaches were the waves reach above 5ft. In total Bali has more than 30 great surfing spots. If you want to go surfing, there are some cases that you should think about before going to the beach. Important factors for good waves are the type of season and the wind direction. East Bali is good for surfing during the wet season (October until March) and South West Bali is good for surfing during the dry season (April until September). For the beginners the season doesn’t really matter because of practicing on the white waves, which are always there.


Beginner beaches:

For beginners, Bali has a lot of surf spots where you can learn the basics of surfing. You can rent a board at one the many spots at the beach and try it yourself but we recommend to have one or more professional lessons to learn about the theory and later the practical part of surfing. To learn how to surf, Kuta Beach is the best spot.


Kuta Beach:

This beach is open for all kind of surfers and one of the best spots to learn surfing. The waves have a beach break, what means that they break on a sandy bottom. The best time of the year to surf here is during the dry season, the wind is off shore during the dry season, which makes the waves nice and hollow. The waves are accessible for both styles, Goofy (lefties) and Regular (righties). For the real beginners we recommend to start learning on the white waves and when you control them, try the smaller blue waves.


When you decide to take lessons at Odysseys Surf School, we are located 10 meters away from Kuta Beach, we guarantee that you will stand on the board within one lesson. Isn’t this the case, we offer you a new lesson for free. When you don’t follow the instructor’s instructions, it is your own fault and you won’t get the free lesson to try it again. All our instructors have their certificates and the lifeguards have their life saving certificate. This will guarantee that you will learn all the theory that is needed before you go to the practical side of surfing.


When you already know the basics of surfing and want to go try it yourself, the waves can good be during the whole day, it depends on the season and the wind. When you are tired and want to have a break, you can enjoy some nice fresh coconut water or a cold beer at the beach while watching the other surfers.


So don’t wait, grab your stuff and rent a board or take a lesson at Bali’s most famous beach. Don’t forget the most important thing: Surfing is fun!