Update: Odysseys Surf School will travel to Java

Last week we made the announcement that Odysseys Surf School will make a surf trip to Java next month for our charity project: “ A board for a smile”. During this trip to Java, Odysseys Surf School will collaborate with “The Bali Drop Box Charity Project”. This non-profit organization collects clothes and other goods, which people would normally discard, and donates them to those who need it the most.


In order to make our “A board for a smile project” and “The Bali Drop Box Charity Project” a success, we need your help by sharing this event and by spreading the word that donations are still more than welcome!


Our event relies solely on the generous and the good-hearted. If you want to join our cause of making this world a better place, feel free to contact us and make a donation. We will gladly receive any spare surfboards (which we will repair along the way if needed), clothes or any other second hand supplies that are still useful. We will make sure all of the donated goods end up with those who need it the most.


If you haven’t seen our announcement, you can click HERE to read it.


Stay tuned for more information and updates about our Java trip!