Odysseys Surf School will travel to Java

This November, a part of the staff from Odysseys Surf School will travel to Java for a surf trip. During this trip we will donate the surfboards, which we have received through the “ A board for a smile “ project, to those who need it the most.


Any donations are still more than welcome! If you have any spare boards, clothes or any other second hand supplies that are still useful, please feel free to contact us! We will provide board repair along the way, so the children will have decent equipment.


Odysseys Surf School will donate the surfboards to children with a great passion for surfing, but who lack the means to have a proper surfboard. We try to support and provide an opportunity for children in Indonesia: being able to pursue their passion for surfing in the best conditions possible by providing them with proper surfboards.


We also would like to get in touch with local communities in Java that want Odysseys Surf School to visit. If you know about any contact persons in these communities, please send us an email or call Odysseys by phone.


So, if you have a spare board that you don’t use anymore or any other useful equipment and if you are willing to join our noble cause, feel free to contact Odysseys Surf School! We will make sure the board gets repaired and send to those who need it.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Java trip!