Surf power and energy

Everyone who’s ever tried surfing before knows: surfing is fun!

Once you’ve ridden that first wave chances are you will want to stay in the water all day long. However, apart from really fun surfing unfortunately also is very tiring. From our years of teaching experience, we have learned that especially if you are new to surfing it can be very exhausting. Today our surf instructors are sharing their tips that will help you save energy so you can get the most out of your lesson!

Eat before surf

First of all, it is important to eat before you go surfing. Make sure you eat a light meal well in advance of your class, because surfing with a stomach that is too full is also far from ideal. We recommend a healthy meal or snack, such as a banana, yoghurt with muesli or rice and vegetables. Next on, it is important to do a proper warm-up before you start surfing. This warms up your muscles and makes your body ready for action! It will prevent cramps during your session and especially if you also want to go surfing the next day you will feel the difference! Check out how to do a good surf warm up here .


Control the energy

Our next tip is about control: we fully understand how exciting the surfing experience is for you. Once you have caught a wave and you experienced that pure surf stoke of course you will want more! In surfing, however, paddle power is an incredibly important determinant for how much fun your session will be. If you are in good shape and your paddle power is high, you will be able to catch waves even on the smallest of days. If you have little power, then even on the most perfect day you will likely not catch many waves. Therefore it is important to maintain your paddling power and to not to start paddling for just any wave that is approaching you. Pick your waves carefully and remember to listen to the instructor! He will assure that you only paddle for waves that are worth your energy, and he will also help you with the timing. If you start paddling too early, or you are paddling faster than necessary, you are wasting precious energy. The right timing can help you prevent this! Our instructors will of course do their best to help you maintain your energy during your lesson, but we hope these tips will help you to get the very most out of your surf class!

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What are your tips for staying energized during surfing? Share them in the comments! 🙂