Let’s do warm-up before you get wet and surf in Bali

Even though it is always warm in Bali, it is very important to warm up your muscles before starting any type of workout. Because surfing is such an intense workout for your body, we want to give you some tips for the ultimate surf warm-up!


First of all we recommend you to take a little dip in the ocean to cool off. This will make your warm-up a lot more comfortable! The next step is to go for a little jog. You don’t need to run fast or very far, just jog the distance and pace that are right to wake your body up and let it know that it is time for some action! The next exercises we recommend are some jumping jacks and frog leaps, just to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing! Once you feel your heartbeat has sped up enough, it is time to start to work on the muscles and joints.



The first joints to warm up are the ankles, this we can do by doing some ankle circles. Place the toes of one foot in the sand, lift your heel and slowly roll your ankle first to the one side and then to the other. Repeat with your other ankle. Next on it is time to focus on the knees by doing some knee circles. Keep your legs together and slightly bend your knees whilst you place your hands on your knees. Your upper body is slightly tilted forward. Swing your knees in a circular motion, first the one direction and then the other. Make sure to keep your lower body bent forward and keep your hands on your knees! Once you feel the joints in your legs are warmed up, it is time for the hips. Do some hip circles by putting your hands on your hips and swinging them around, first the one way and then the other.


Now it is time to focus on the upper body, especially the arms and shoulders. Start off with some arm circles, because your shoulders will be doing a lot of hard work with all the paddling! Put your arms up, and circle them around vertically. Then hold your arms out next to your shoulders and twist your upper body from left to right whilst your arms move in a vertical motion. This movement is easiest if you keep your elbows slightly bent.


Lastly it is time to loosen up your neck. Let your head hang and make slow circles with your head, first the one way and then the other. Then shake it all out and take your surfboard into the ocean for a good surf session! Of course if you come surfing with us our instructors will ensure that you are properly warmed up before starting your surf session, as all our classes include an elaborate warm-up. Check out our packages here!


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