Boost your surf experience and go on a surf trip.

When you have had enough lessons at Odysseys Surf School and you think you are ready for the next step, a surf trip is the ultimate experience for this. How do you know that you are ready for a surf trip? When you sign up at our websites we ask you to fill in your surf ability. For example how is your wave catching: good, average or poor. We also need to know your years of experience, board size and the locations where you surfed before. This is very important to be filled in honestly so we can bring you to a spot that fits perfect to your surf level.


When you decided to go on a surf trip, you will be expected here at the office of Odysseys Surf School at Kuta Beach. We prepare the board for you and the car so we can take you as soon as possible to the best surf spot. The instructor has already checked your form of experience so he knows to what spot he can bring you. To see what surf spots will be good for the level of experience, we check Magic Sea Weed (MSW). This site/app shows the size of the waves and a tide schedule. To find out more about MSW click this POST LINK.

When we arrive at the spot, we will check if the waves are how MSW predicted and if the spot is not to crowded. When the waves are too big, we will go to another spot because safety is very important. When the waves are too small, we will also go to another spot because otherwise it won’t give you a better experience. A too crowded spot is not good because it restricts you in taking the waves. It can be that we go to two or more different surf spots to find the perfect one. Don’t worry, this wont go of your surf time. When we brought you to the right surf spot, it is time to show your skills. The instructor will stay with you to give you instructions and feedback. This will make sure that you will become a better surfer and get the maximum out yourself.


When you are finished with surfing there is time to relax and have a drink or eat something. Surfing is very exhausting so it is important to eat and drink enough after to gain energy again. After a day full of surfing and lots of fun, it is time to go back to Kuta to bring you and the equipment back to the office. To get an impression of a surf trip, click here to see the VIDEO.


A surf trip can be done in private, one student and one instructor, or with two students or more. So if you want to do a surf trip with your friends, feel free to sign up! The duration of a surf trip depends on the distance of the surf spot. It can be that you will away the whole day. The time to surf is always three hours, no matter what. The costs of a surf trip at Odysseys Surf School are:


Private:                       1.170.000 Rupiah

Semi Private:                         780.000 Rupiah


We hope to see you soon at Odysseys for a surf trip or for a lesson if you are not completely comfortable to go somewhere else. If you want more information feel free to leave a message in the comments or gives us a visit at the office!