Magicseaweed – The way to find out how the surf condition is

The magicseaweed mobile application is the easiest way to find out how the surf condition is at locations around you. It makes it easier to decide where to surf as you can see forecast for thousands of beaches across the globe.

The magicseaweed forecast includes a lot of features like surf size, swell height, swell period, swell direction, wind strength, wind direction and temperature. The best part – it is all for free!

You can upgrade to MSW App+ for more features and benefits for an additional payment.


The design of MSW App makes it very simple to use and very convenient for you to read the tide, wave and swell condition and hence makes it the perfect app for beginner as well as advanced surfers.

UntitledThe first step involve that you chose your desired surf spot and location.

Select the country and then select the area in the country.

For the last step you have to select the place/beach that you want to see the surf condition for.

According to two essential tips is worth considering if you use the app regularly and want a better experience.



One tip, when you download the new app, register and log in. The experience of navigating from spot to spot using favorites is miles faster, and generally tailoring the app to your preferences makes for an exponentially improved experience. The same goes for the site, log in. We cannot imagine using the site any other way.

Second tip, if you want the app to open on a specific tab head to “Settings” and “Choose Start Tab” and you can select Favorites, or whichever tab you like.


We personally go for our Favorites for quick access to our local forecasts.

When the p1referred location is selected you now have different features to choose from.


In the top of the app you will see how the surf condition is at your selected site, but you can also choose the Long Range Forecast, Charts and Tide to see how the surf condition will change during that day and for a 10 day forecast, so you can pick the best time for surfing during the day and the following week.


The app also has features like map, photos and nearby food & drink, nearby surf schools etc.



 If you click on L12ong Range Forecast you will be presented for a 10 day forecast.


Here it is possible to get an overview from each day about how the surf size and swell height will be.


Additional it also shows the swell period, swell direction, wind strength and wind direction.


If you want a more detailed picture instead of a six-hour gap, then you can click on each time to get an hour per hour description of the surf conditions.


122The Charts player shows you a long-range charts stretching out to 7 days into the future.

The charts type includes swell, period, wind and pressure.


You can click on each of them to view the changes in the weather and it will display the patterns.


With this feature you can follow the change in the weather simultaneously and it thereby becomes easy to spot the perfect window in the wind or view significant changes in weather patterns.


123If you click on Tide, you will get an overview over the first light and the last light for the day including when the sun rises and set.


It also shows you the different time for when it is low tide and high tide during the day.

It also displays the surf size of the waves for each low and high tide.


Additional it displays a representation of those conditions, in the top of the app.

Here you can see the first and last light of the day (the grey demonstration) and the surf size with its low and high tide during the day (the green demonstration).