Wet season in Bali

Known alternately as the “off season” or “wet season”, the Bali rainy season provides an alternative to the tourist crowds and busier surf spots of the dry months.

Some days it doesn’t rain at all, making the decision to come here during the rainy season seem like a stroke of genius.

When is Bali’s rainy season?

The core wet season in Bali lasts from November to March, with October and April sometimes being included or — along with May — referred to as “border months”. Most rain falls from December to February, but expect humidity to be high during all months of the season.

Image: http://www.inbali.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/wet_season_bali.jpg

Advantages of the Bali Rainy Season

If you’re considering visiting Bali during the wet months, here are some pros to consider:

  • Cooler weather — While it will still be quite hot (sometimes even hotter than the dry season) rain can cool down the effects of Bali’s blazing sun and bring some much-appreciated relief.
  • Smaller crowds — If sharing space with lots of tourists isn’t your thing, then the off season might be better for you. All the typical pains associated with the high season, such as heavy traffic, crowded beaches, tourism sites, bars and restaurants will be considerably more manageable. You might even find a deserted beach!
  • Fewer distractions — Come to Bali to truly get away from the chaos of modern life? If you are not one for noisy parties, packed clubs or the bar scene, a bit of wetness should afford you with more peace and quiet and make it easier to concentrate on writing that novel or whatever you plan to do. It’s also more relaxing!
  • Natural beauty — The rains bring life to the landscape of this lush island. Vegetation never looks so gorgeous and vivid or smells as fragrant as when it’s wet and well watered.

Surfing during the wet season

Bali’s rainy season is when the winds change and west coast surfing gives way to lots of great east coast breaks. Still the west coast is amazing to begin/learn surfing. Don’t hesitate to drop by Odysseys Surf School or book your lessons here to learn how to surf! Surfing is fun, even with the upcoming raining season! [1]

Did we miss any advantages of the wet season? Let us know in the comments below!