Water activities to do in Bali

You are in Bali and you want to do something exciting and adventurous. This list is for the traveler who is willing to try something else than Bali’s shopping, dining & nightlife and chilling at the beach. This list will give you suggestion for some of the best water activities to do in Bali and give you the time off your life while doing it. So get out there and have fun!



Bali is a paradise and a dream destination for the traveler who comes for the surfing. Bali’s waves are treasures for all levels of surfers even for newbies and it is a great place to learn surfing.

Kuta beach is the perfect spot for newbies who is trying surfing for the first time but the spot also offers breaks suited for experts.

When you first get hooked on surfing it is hard to stop riding the waves.


Kite surfing

If you like extreme sports then kite surfing might be a worthy candidate for a fun and wild day in the water. The best time to go out is from May until October during the dry season. It is especially along the eastern coasts of Bali it is possible to take a kite surfing lesson.



If you have a passion for diving then Bali is the right place to be. Bali offers some great and spectacular dives spots around the whole island.

The warm waters in Bali makes it a place with a rich biodiversity with some magnificent coral reefs and a rich marine life where you can be lucky enough to see turtles Manta Rays and the famous Mola Mola.

Various places offer both day trips and PADI certificate courses.


Sea walks

If you do not have an open water certificate for diving, then sea walking might be a fun alternative to enjoy the wonders of the beautiful marine life Bali has to offer. With the Bali Sea Walker Tour it becomes possible to explore the amazing underwater life of Bali while you are walking at the bottom of the sea.

You will be wearing a specially designed helmet that is connected to oxygen tanks making it possible for participants to breath the same of you do on land as you have a constant flow of air to breathe underwater



Another option for a great water activity to do in Bali is snorkeling. Snorkeling is an activity you can either enjoy as a day trip or as a beach activity. As the case with diving Bali offers the same rich biodiversity and a snorkeling trip in Bali will not disappoint.