To do list in Bali as a couple

Bali is the perfect getaway for couples (and everybody else).

Whenever the purpose is a romantic-, active-, culture or something completely else, then Bali is the perfect destination.

Bali offers many activities to explore and the atmospheres you can find here beats anything you will ever find anywhere else in the world.

Be ready to be astonished by the magic of Bali and what it has to offer for a couple’s getaway.



With Bali’s many stunning beaches, you cannot be surprised that it offers the perfect circumstances to watch the spectacular sunset.

Wherever you are looking for something super romantic and private for the two of you or something more low-key and within a reasonable budget you can find it in Bali.

The options are many – Cliff-side dinner, oceanfront candlelight dinner, private gourmet picnic in bed, cocktail at a beach bar or maybe just a spectacular view from some of the many beaches in Bali.


Spa retreat day

If you came to Bali for a relaxing time then you have to include a day at the spa. Many places have treatments enough to provide plenty of activities to keep you busy the whole day.



Bali provides countless of places for a romantic dinner out. You can either go all in if you really want to treat your special someone or do it a bit more simple. Whatever choice you take, you will not be disappointed by Bali’s romantic vibe and magic. You are guaranteed a special night with your special one.


Lake Batur

Bali is not only famous for its stunning beaches but also the magnificent scenery, specially the view that can be found at Mount Batur, an active volcano. It is possible to sit by Lake Batur, a place that will take your breath away and have a romantic picnic while you have the amazing sight of Mount Batur in the background.


Cooking class

Taking a cooking class with your partner will give you a chance to explore the very tasty and delightful kitchen of Balinese cuisine while it at the same time will bring you a day of fun.
Taking a cooking class in Bali will first of all be a very good bonding experience. Secondly, nothing is more satisfying to eat a homemade cooked delicious meal you made yourself and spent time doing so.


Outdoor activities

While some couples prefer relaxing and romantic scenery others find comfort in a little adrenaline and fun outdoor activities. For the adventurous couples, nothing brings you closer together as a good laugh and an adrenaline kick.

The outdoor activities are many in Bali and wherever you like water activities such as surfing or land activities as hiking then you will be sure to find it in Bali.


Explore an exotic Island

If Bali is not enough and you need a getaway from your getaway then you can visit some of Indonesia’s numerous exotic islands. The ones around Bali is known for its snorkeling and diving and the clear blue sea makes is possible to spot Turtles, Mola Mola, Manta Rays and many other sea creatures. So whatever you are into diving, snorkeling or just a relaxing vacation, it will be possible to do on one of the many islands.



If you like meditation or want to try something different as a couple then you can take a break from the world around you and dive deeper into the Balinese tradition. This spiritual activity will help you to reconnect with your body and soul but also bring you closer as a couple and experience something very intimate together.