Money saving tips for your vacation in Bali

Bali is magical. It is as simple as that.

Just the mere thoughts about Bali will make you dream and fantasies about paradise.

Unfortunately you’re not the only one who dreams about Bali. For ages Bali has been a favorite destination for many tourists all over the world and can offer everything you have ever dreamed of from white beautiful sandy beaches to spectacular scenery and Balinese culture.

The increasing interest in Bali for a travel destination has made the prices grow and it might seem like Bali isn’t a place to visit on a budget or without spending all your savings. No need to worry though– you can still have a spectacular trip and your dream vacation while traveling on a budget.

Below you can find five ways of saving money on you vacation in Bali.


  • Local food

Going local will help you to keep the cost down and help you save a lot of money on food which normal takes a lot of the budget while traveling. ‘Warungs’ or local style restaurants serve a variety of Balinese dishes for a lot lower price.

A good advice is to stay far away and avoid the western restaurants as they tend to be more expensive.


  • Bargain

Bargain will help you save a good deal of money. Don’t settle with the first price quoted to you. The price might be temping and low but bare in mind that the quality is no good and the item probably only will last while you’re on vacation.

Don’t be afraid to bargain with the small street side stalls. The vendors seem to expect it and do not mind at all.

A wise starting point is to start as low as a third of the initial asking price and then bargain you way up until you reach an agreement with the seller.


  • Stay out of the touristic area

The southern area of Bali – Kuta, Ubud, Legian, Seminyak etc. is the most popular and most expensive part of the island. If you don’t mind staying other places in the Kuta area then you can head to the beaches in the north or northeast part of Bali, where you will find that prices are about half the cost.

It is also in these parts of Bali you will be able to find better and cheaper deals on accommodation and will help you keep the expensive down on accommodation.


  • Ask locals

Another tip for saving money is to ask locals about deals, specials and discounts. They will know which restaurants or bars that have specials prices and which days and times to go to save the most money.


  • Free activities

Most travel destinations offer a number of free activities. The same is the case for Bali where you will find a number of free activities.

It won’t cost you anything to spend the day at one of Bali’s beautiful and stunning beaches. You might enjoy the sunset on the beach while eating dinner or having a drink.

You can also visit one of Bali’s breathtaking mountain panoramas and go for a hike. Visit one of the many rice fields or you can visit temples and royal places that have little or non entrance fee. Another option is to leave the tourist spots where you will find villagers rehearse their dance performances. Have a watch while you enjoy the Balinese culture for free.


Enjoy your vacation in Bali.