Fun wet season activities in Bali : Rafting


During the wet season in Bali, there might be some days that the surfing conditions just aren’t that great. But don’t you panic just yet, there are plenty of other activities that can be equally exciting as surfing. Just to give a good example: white water rafting.


Rafting or white water rafting is an outdoor activity where you use an inflatable boot to navigate through rivers. During rafting you face rough waters and you battle river rapids, this makes rafting truly an exciting experience!


The most popular rivers in Bali to raft on are the Ayung River and the Telaga Waja River. You can face these rivers both during dry- and wet season, but due to the heavy rainfall during wet season the water level will be higher. This results in more moving water, this means more action for those who seek a thrill!


The Telaga Waja River is one of the largest rivers in the Eastern part of Bali. The river flows along the base of the tallest active volcano in Bali: Mount Agung. Rafting on this river is suitable for beginners, kids and families. This river knows many different kinds of rafting difficulties, so it is just as suitable for beginners as for more advanced rafters. Besides the fact that it is an amazing river for all level of rafters, it is also the longest rafting route you will find in Bali!


The other famous river, Ayung River, is located near Ubud. This river is very suitable for beginners, because it only has easy to mild rapids. The fact that the river is relatively “easy”, makes it an amazing place to go to with your family! The Ayung River knows fantastic scenery, with even some wall carvings along the rafting route.


The Telaga Waja River can be considered as more exciting than the Ayung River, but if you want an easier ride and just enjoy the view, than the Ayung River is the option for you.


All in All, both rivers are absolutely amazing for rafting and you should definitely put in on to your to do list during the wet season!


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