Donation for the refugees of Mt. Agung

Evacuees continue to stream into camps as the Agung Volcano Observatory reported an “unprecedented” level of seismic activity and warned of an increased probability of eruption. [1] All these people are living in bad conditions and our staff couldn’t sit on the sideline and watch.

What are the best supplies to donate?

Water gallons, rice, cooking utensils, water pumps, personal hygiene (from soaps, to lady’s tampons, diapers etc), long lasting vegetables, eggs, ropes, torches and batteries, spices for food, children’s books and normal books for adults, any toys for children.

Please try to avoid sending instant noodles as the MSG has been reported to cause coughs amongst the younger children. Whole foods are best.

How can you help?

Donate to charities, you can donate money or drop off supplies for the refugees. Or you could take matters in your own hands and raise money yourself and buy helpful supplies for the refugees. [2]

How did Odysseys Surf School help?

The Odysseys team raised money for the refugees. With this money the staff bought a lot of goods that will help the refugees.

Come and meet our awesome staff at Odysseys Surf School. Book your lessons here and see how fun and helpful they are!

Let us know in the comments below what you are doing for the refugees!

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