Bali is SAFE!

The Mount Agung volcano in Bali erupted for the first time in more than half a century in November, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee the Indonesian island’s “danger zone.”

Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency has said the volcano remains at its highest alert level but most of Bali is safe for tourists.

The exclusion zone around the volcano still extends six miles from the crater in some directions.

Airlines Jetstar and Virgin Australia, which cancelled flights over the weekend even as the ash cloud shrank dramatically, said they were resuming services.

A team of safety experts from Virgin Australia declared it safe for the airline to resume normal services – provided conditions remain favourable.[1]

This means that the danger zone isn’t safe to go, but the rest of Bali is perfectly safe! So don’t hesitate to come to Kuta (75km from Mt. Agung) and drop by our office for a surfing lesson! Or you can book you lessons here!