5 points to beware of while Bali trip


Bali is known as the place for tourists from long time ago, so many popular places and well settled for tourists. Despite of the fact, you need to aware there are some of points, which could make you in trouble while in Bali trip.


  • Food poison

There are numerous small cuisines and restaurants in Bali and many of them offer really good foods. You may look for warung looked very traditional somehow you would want to feel being a part of local. However, you need to be careful for hygiene and cleanliness when you select where you are going to eat. Since the temperature in Bali is high, and sometimes humid, also there are many small bugs or whatsoever, foods get easily spoil. Even local people get sick sometimes because of the foods.


  • Accident on the street

Motorbike is typical vehicle in Bali, and it’s not unusual to see more than hundred of motorbikes are struggling on the street due to huge traffic jam every morning and night.

Since there are many of small gangs (street) also no signals on the street, the traffic system in Bali is actually bad. Most of streets don’t have crosswalk. If you want to across the road, always need to check both sides of yours. Sometimes motorbikes don’t reduce its speed even though they aware the pedestrians in front of them.

If you want to drive motorbike, of course, make sure you need to wear a helmet and posses an international driver license, which allowed driving motorbike. Polices in Bali always aim at foreigner tourist on the street to find any fault.


  • Stolen belongings

It is important to be cautious about your belongings when you travel everywhere. When you go night out, or drink, better not to possess your credit card but just small money. If you lose your belongings, it will be difficult to find it back. Only thing you can do when you lose something is getting issued document of proof stolen at police station indeed, but it costs Rp.100, 000 to get just a one page of paper.


  • Balinese traditional liquor (Arak)

Arak is Balinese traditional liquor derives from the palm tree. It’s not difficult to get from some of club, pub or even small supermarket. You might hear once about so many stories caused from Arak that make you scary such as making blind or died someone. To be honest, it is not just a rumor. Even 3 people died at one club in Legian very recently, because of Arak. Why is it happened? This is from methanol poisoning. While making Arak, there is a point of the process when the methanol can be produced needs to be removed.

If want to try to drink Arak, recommend you to go souvenir shop or duty free, get a legal Arak or proven seller that they sell good quality Arak.


  • Mushrooms

You can meet some of sellers who try to sell you mushroom on the street, especially at night. Mushroom means real ‘Mushroom’, but it carries various hallucination for few hours. Long time ago, Mushroom was legal in Bali so people can buy mushroom easily, but for now, Mushroom has been turned to illegal and classified as a drug. Since the law for drug in Bali is very strict, always be aware about the drug.