3 Top Water activities and where to do them

There are lots of water activities to do in Bali so we’ve listed a few options to do when you’re in Bali and where to do them.


The snorkeling scene in Bali absolutely great, but with lots of spots to do snorkeling it’ll get hard to choose the rights spot.

If you’re staying a longer time then the Nusa Islands are a great spot for snorkeling, with lots of reef and clear water it is definitely a must.

Padang Bai is also great for snorkeling but Like everywhere in Indonesia, the current can sometimes be tricky, but the local dive centers familiar with the area for diving and snorkeling.


Rafting in Bali is a great water activity and there are 2 rivers where most of the tourists love to go, Telaga river and Ayung river

If you want to have thrilling rafting adventure in Bali, long distance Bali white water rafting route then Telaga river is the river that you should choose.

If you want Bali rafting tour on more in term of recreational adventures, don’t want to spend time in the car if you stay in on the southern part of Bali like Kuta or Seminyak area and love to see beautiful scenery, then Ayung river is your choice for white water rafting Bali.


For advance and intermediate surfing in the dry season the whole west coast of Bali is perfect for surfing, with spots like Uluwatu and Padang Padang. in the wet season it’s the east coast that is great for advance and intermediate surfing, with spots like Serangan and Nusa Dua. If you’re a beginner it’s best to stay at the “easier” spots like Kuta beach which is good for beginners in dry and wet season.

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Can you add some great water activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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