Activities during wet season in Bali

Now that we are in the midst of the rainy season, you will inevitably have to deal with some days rimmed by dark clouds and plagued by what seems like never-ending showers during your stay in Bali. The good news, however, is that usually the rain in Bali does end soon! It is very rare for rain to persist all day long. However, a good couple of hours of showers is not unheard of, and you probably will still want to put that time to best use. The question is: what to do?

Our first tip is to go surfing!

Unless it is storming, thundering and hailing, surfing in the rain is perfectly safe and possible. You will already be wet so the rain wont bother you, and chances are that the sky clears during your surf session. When you get out of the sea you might even have missed the entire shower!

Surf shopping

If you have decided surfing in the rain is not for you, then there is another fun surf-related activity that is very suitable for a rainy day. Bali happens to have a popular and well-known surf outlet! You can shop brands such as Oakley, Roxy and Volcom for great prices. The store is called Bali Surf and it is just a short drive from Odysseys. The address is: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 9. Anyone interested in surfing will enjoy hiding away from the rain for some hours there!

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Surfboard shaping class

For the more advanced surfer a fun thing to do during a massive rain shower would be to take a class in surfboard shaping. At you can book a lesson in surfboard shaping or glassing, and it will assure you get to stay nice and dry for four hours!

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Spa treatment

Another activity we can recommend is going for a massage or spa treatment. In Bali there are many salons, spas and retreats and it is an easy task to find a nice, relaxing place where your sore surfing muscles will be kneaded into relaxation. See how much your paddling will improve once those nasty knots have been removed!


Lastly, a tip that always works is to find a nice restaurant and indulge in a large meal. Chances are that once your stomach is filled with delicious food the clouds will have cleared away! Our personal favorites are Warung Indonesia for local food, Caf la Pasion for Mexican food and Kunti 2 for sushi.

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Unfortunately the rain in Bali comes and goes as it pleases, and is hard to predict. However, with these backup plans you will never see a day going to waste because of the rain! These are our favorite activities for a rainy day, let us know what you think and leave your tips in the comments below!