5 ways to improve your surfing #2

Improving your surfing can sometimes be a real struggle, you can feel like you’re not making any progression, or you can’t stick any manoeuvres. We’ve made another list for you to improve your surfing!

Surf with other good surfers

Surfing with someone who has a higher skill level to you will inevitably push your own surfing as they will go out in more challenging condition and perform more difficulty manoeuvres so you can watch and learn and push yourself to try to keep you. Hopefully inspiring you to new surf glory

Improve your wave knowledge

Wave knowledge is one of the most difficult things to improve as the majority of most surfers wave knowledge come for spending more time in the water surfing. The better you ocean knowledge the easier you will find surfing, knowing when to paddle out looking for rips and line up indicators as well as knowing where to take off and how to read incoming waves will improve your choice of waves and the amount of quality waves you catch. To improve wave knowledge, check out your local surf breaks and watch them for long periods learning the line up or watch surf movies to help see how the pros do it where they sit and take off.


Traveling is not only one of the coolest perks of surfing seeing no places meeting new people but it’s going to improve your surfing as well. Surfing more often on a trip with different condition and different types of waves is going to make you better at adapting to the conditions and provide you with some fresh new motivation as well as improving your fitness. Traveling also gives you time to solely focus on your movements and mechanics of surfing without thinking you have to rush off. Bali is a great place to discover new cultures, people and waves.


Do other board sports

As pretty much every board sport has been born from surfing. Snowboarding, skateboards and wakeboarding are a great way of helping your balance and muscle prepare for surfing but also your mind set to be able to and practising certain moves over and over again.

Image: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/07/d7/13/e6/welcome-for-skater.jpg

Enjoy surfing!

It come without saying is the best surfing in the world is the one having the most fun, surfers that are smiling enjoying the waves will be relaxed and creative in the water allowing you mind to relax and become in turn with what the wave is doing.

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Let us know in the comments below which tips we missed.