Bali surfing health benefits and surfstoke

If you are in Bali, it is very important to enjoy every little second that you have on this Island of Gods. Sleeping on the beach, cruising your moped through the rice paddies, indulging in all that delicious food And of course, lets not forget about stunning sunsets on the beach whilst enjoying an ice-cold Bintang. Yes, life on Bali is good! However, there is one down side: not only will you see the dark circles under your eyes disappear whilst your skin develops a nice tan, most likely the relaxed and easy Bali life will help you gain some unwanted extra bodyweight as well. By all means, however, do not stop enjoying the Bali life to the fullest! A better thing to do would be to incorporate one other typical Balinese activity into your holiday schedule: surfing! Not only will this help you get that sought-after sun-kissed skin and beach-blonde hair, it will also help you to seriously tone that body!

Fun exercise

Surfing in the warm Balinese waters is like exercising without even noticing! During a surfclass you are constantly moving, so guaranteed you will be burning off those extra couple of banana pancakes you couldn’t resist for breakfast.

Better shape + Happy

If you pick up a surfboard every once in a while in Bali, you will most likely come home in a better shape than you left it. Not only will you build stamina, cardiovascular and heart health and stronger muscles in your back and shoulders, you will also notice a serious improvement in your mental health. All the stress of your job or school back home will be washed away by the ocean, and surf-stoke will have you smiling like you haven’t done in a long time.

Recharge your mind

Our students tell us that surfing makes them feel free and happy, and that after their holiday in Bali they are refreshed and ready to take on the challenges back home! Did you know that surfers often keep riding waves until they are well in their 60s or 70s? Surfing is called the fountain of youth for a reason! There is even a scientific reason for this famous surfstoke, keeping surfers in the water for years after their retirement. Breaking waves alter water and air molucules, and in the process charged ions are released into the atmosphere. Breathing in these ions results in an increased release of endorphins and serotonins, the hormones responsible for your happiness. Once you have experienced that unique surf happiness, there is no going back! There are countless people who changed their entire lives after having felt their first surf stoke, from moving across the globe in chase of waves to making a career switch in order to be able to spend more time in the water.

Let us know how surfing changed your life and what benefits you experience from surfing, share your story in the comments!