Surf competition in Padang-padang Bali

RIP CURL CUP 2017 in Padang Padang Beach

 An opening event of annual RIP CURL surf competition was held on Sunday 9th of July. We call this competition Padang Padang Cup. Even in unfortunate weather, all the 16 invited athletes including 8 international surfers and 8 Indonesian surfers and many surfing lovers gathered in Padang Padang Beach in Bali. Balinese tradition Kecak dance was performed by local performers with a wish for good waves to come in Padang Padang during the event term.

The event waiting period started on the next day, July 10th, and ends on August 10th. All the surfers are now on-call standby. As soon as the big swell arrives in Padang Padang, the 24-hours notice will be sent to them. This is the “It’s On When It’s On”! According to the forecast, a big swell was supposed to reach on 15th Saturday or 16th Sunday of July, however the “go” sign was not given by the competition director over the last weekend. Next swell is forecasted on 20th-22nd of July, so all the surfers and surfing fans are finger-crossing!

It would be a great opportunity for you to stop by a world class surf competition during your stay in Bali! After you witness those pro surfers ripping beautifully, you surely will get a lot more motivated to learn surfing. …Want to be like them? Make a first step! Book your surf lesson with us now>>

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