Bali surfing improvement; Duckdive #101

If you ever want to call yourself a true surfer, you need to be able to perform a proper duckdive. Duckdiving can be considered as a true art form and you can only master it if you keep on practicing. Luckily for you, Odysseys Surf School provides lessons that include a “ duckdive training”. So if you stay in beautiful Bali and you want to improve your surfing skills, don’t hesitate to book one of our lessons to learn or improve your duck-diving talent on the waves of Kuta Beach!


What is duckdive?:

Duckdiving is basically the act of diving underneath an approaching wave with your surfboard. It sounds really easy, but it can be quite difficult to get a hang of it. You use duckdiving to get underneath a wave; in this way you make sure all your progress made by paddling out isn’t lost by being washed backwards by a wall of water.

The name “duckdiving” originates from birds that dive underneath waves when they are out on the open ocean. The birds dive underneath the waves in a half-moon motion. Surfers do the exact same thing, only they try it while holding on to a surfboard.


Basics of duckdiving:

The two most important elements of a proper duckdive are TIMING and MOMENTUM. If you push your board down to early, you will re-emerge before the wave passes you and you will get washed back. On the other hand, if you do it to late you and your board won’t be fully submerged and you will be washed back as well. So timing is a very important factor while you are duckdiving. The best moment to submerge your board is about 3 feet in front the wave or whitewater.

The other important element is momentum (or speed). You need to make sure you are paddling towards the wave. If you have enough speed it will be easier to perform a duckdive. With enough speed you will flow underneath the wave in a fluid motion. This makes it easier to re-emerge and start paddling out again.


How to duckdive step by step:


Step one:
Build up some speed by paddling and head straight for the wave.


Step two:
Once you are about 3 feet away from the wave, put your hands on the rails (around the chest area) and sink the nose of the board.


Step three:

Use your feet to sink the tail of the board, you and your board should be underneath the surface of the water now so don’t forget to take a deep breath!


Step four:

Try to lie flat out on the board while you are underneath the wave, in this way you create the least amount of resistance. Also try to level out the board with your feet by putting pressure on the tail of the board.


Step five:

When the wave passes over, angle the board nose up, in this way you are making sure the nose of your board is the first thing that reaches the surface. You can do this by putting more pressure on the tail of the board with your feet. If you resurface correctly you are in the perfect position to start paddling out again!


With a little help from our great instructors and these few easy steps you will discover your hidden duck-diving talent within no time!


You will learn how to make a proper duck-dive when you take one of our Odysseys Surf School intermediate surfing lessons. For more information about the other skills you will practice and learn during one our intermediate lessons at Odysseys Surf School, click: HERE


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Bali surfing improvement; Duckdive #101

Bali surfing improvement; Duckdive #101



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