Intermediate Lesson

Intermediate Surf Lesson

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Catching the wave & selecting
Safe surf & awareness
Eskimo & duck dive technique
Paddle in-out
Surf etiquette
Take off position
Riding the wave
Control the board
Pick up speed
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Safe surf & awareness
Selecting & choosing the right waves
Take off position
Speed & power
Maneuvers (surf technique)


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The intermediate lessons are designed to maximize your surf skills and knowledge. With Odysseys Surf School, you will be able to define your own surf style, creating your personal blueprint on a wave. Improving your own surfing style can be challenging but is definitely rewarding and is something our instructors can help you with.

Your surf instructor will teach you to read the weather since it plays the most important part in deciding the surf condition. The intermediate surf lesson will also be complemented by information about the swells and tides. The ground and wind swell will be explained completely. This information will later on help you read the weather condition by yourself.

Students will learn the ocean’s periodic change of sea level called tides. In addition the instructors will explain glassy waves, also called ultra-clean surf without ripple. Wind blows will also be thought in the lesson material, as well as recognizing lumpy surfing.

Intermediate students will learn how to duck dive, which means pushing one’s surfboard underwater nose-first, to get them and also the board under a wave that has broken or is just about to break. Students will learn the take-off position when catching a wave and riding.

Other essential material includes surf etiquette, which covers how to ride slowly and carefully through crowded areas, how to respect the environment, and how to respect the locals and other surfers around you. You will learn all the proper things to do, as well as the things good surfers shouldn’t do.

Students will understand how to select waves, the proper position needed to ride each wave, and how to stand firmly on the board using their body weight. All special surf techniques will be explained.

Students will learn about feet stance while riding a wave and the proper speed needed to turn the board. Students will understand upper and lower body movement and standing position.

At the end of the day, students will learn about surfing maneuvers. “Trimming” or angling the board across a wave will be taught, as well as the “bottom turn” where a turn is made at the base of the wave when coming down off the face of the wave. Another maneuver is called “top turn” which is exciting and challenging and lastly, the “cutback” is one of the most fundamental maneuvers in body-boarding and can also be one of the most radical surfing maneuvers.

During your lesson, our experienced and certified instructors will take care of you. Safety and fun are fully guaranteed at Odysseys Surf School. After learning all the special techniques to accelerate your surfing expertise, you’ll want to keep on surfing!

  • Single person lessons
  • Our intermediate lessons are for all the people of all ages who have surfing experience
  • Lessons of maximum 2,5 hours with a short break
  • Lessons take place in the morning and afternoon depending on tides and wave condition. Please check our schedule for more detailed information
  • Lessons take place in Kuta beach; 10 meter walk from our office
  • All necessary surf equipment will be provided
  • Besides learning how to properly surf you will also be taught some applied theory about surfing. In this lesson you will get personalized attention so you can clarify all your doubts at any moment
  • In this lesson you will learn how to properly ride a wave, as well as some surfing maneuvers. In addition you will be taught surf etiquette, which includes respecting the environment and other surfers around you
  • All our instructors are certified by the Australian Academy of Surf Instructors. They are fluent in both English and Japanese
  • You are always insured when taking lessons with Odysseys Surf School
  • We provide pick up service within the vicinities of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Tuban, Sanur, Nusa Dua & Jinbaran
  • We expect you to arrive at our office 10 minutes before the lesson starts
  • We provide you with lockers where you can store your belongings
  • At the end of each lesson we provide you with a hot shower and a clean towel
  • Our professional photographer will be taking pictures of you during your lesson in case you want to bring home memories of this special moment
  • If you have friends or family accompanying you, they are free to wait for you at our office or at the beach

* Additional surcharge US$10 applies for adult private lesson, adult intermediate lesson and surf tour during the high season ( June – September & 24th December – 5th January ).
The surcharge is payable upon arrival.

What to wear / bring:
1. Changing clothes
2. Straps for spectacles or swimming goggles for people who wear contact lenses
3. Sunscreen lotion and basic toiletries
4. Swimming suit
5. Shorts for surfing
6. Sandals/ flip flop