Semi Private Lesson

Semi Private Surf Lesson

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The surf equipment
Position on the board
Stretches & warm up
Paddling out-in
How to stand on the board
Safe surf & awareness
Control the board
How to catch the wave
Selecting & catching the wave
Riding the wave
Eskimo technique
Surf etiquette
Selecting the board for you


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Experience exclusive, 2 person only or couples surfing lessons with a dedicated instructor. Get personalized attention, ask questions, and focus on learning. Our instructors are fluent in both English and Japanese for clear communication. With their expertise and patience, you’ll master the material quickly. Ride the wave in no time with Odysseys Surf School!

  • Small group of 2 people (perfect for couples) with equal levels of surfing
  • Minimum age 10 years old for safety reasons
  • Maximum duration is of 2 hours with a short break in between
  • Morning and afternoon schedule is available depending on tides and wave conditions. Please check our schedule for more detailed information
  • Lessons take place in Kuta beach; 10 meter walk from our surf school
  • All necessary surf equipment will be provided
  • Besides learning how to surf you will also be taught some applied theory about surfing. Since there are only two people, you will be able to ask all the questions you wish and get a more detailed answer
  • All our instructors are certified by the Australian Academy of Surf Instructors. They are fluent in both English and Japanese
  • Medical Insurance is not included. Please be insured when taking lessons or going on the tours with us.
  • We provide pick-up service within the vicinities of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Tuban, Nusa Dua & Jimbaran
  • Arrive at our office 15 minutes before the lesson starts to prepare
  • We provide you with lockers where you can store your belongings
  • At the end of each lesson we provide you with a hot shower and a clean towel
  • Our professional photographer will be taking pictures of you during your lesson in case you want to bring home memories of this special moment
  • Friends or family are free to wait for at our surf school or at the beach

What to wear / bring:
1. Changing clothes
2. Straps for spectacles or swimming goggles for people who wear contact lenses
3. Sunscreen lotion and basic toiletries
4. Swimming suit
5. Shorts for surfing
6. Sandals/ flip flop