Do’s and don’ts in the surf lineup

For your safety and the safety of others we’ve listed some basic lineup rules. If you learn these rules, you’ll learn that surfing is safe and fun 🙂

First, when paddling out to or within a break, it’s your responsibility to stay out of the way of riders on waves.

Paddle well behind or well in front of the waves being ridden. Don’t put yourself in a situation where surfers have to make adjustments to avoid you while riding; that’s dangerous.

Don’t drop in on your fellow surfer.

Dropping in is catching a wave ahead of a surfer who is up and riding or is paddling into the wave. Even if they aren’t in the ideal takeoff spot or don’t look like they’ll make the section, be fair, give them a chance! First surfer up gets priority if they’re closest to the breaking wave.

Don’t “snake” your fellow surfer.

Snaking a wave is when you paddle across another surfer, that’s in a good position, to catch the wave. Just because you’re now in the priority spot of the wave doesn’t mean it was ok to take that wave from the other surfer.

Take turns.

Often, there are more surfers in a lineup than there are waves. If this is the case, be fair, give others a chance. On the flip side, others should show you the same courtesy.

Don’t take advantage of your fellow surfers.

Just because you know where to sit on every wave doesn’t mean you automatically deserve every wave.

Be responsible for yourself, your equipment and others.

Surfboards can be extremely dangerous. Play safe. Be aware of those around you at all times. [1]

If you’re a beginner or want to learn more about surfing don’t hesitate to drop by our office or book your lessons here!

Did we miss an essential “don’t”? let us know in the comments below!