5 Ways to improve your surfing #1

Improving your surfing can sometimes be a real struggle, you can feel like you’re not making any progression, or you can’t stick any manoeuvres. Well, we’ve made a list for you to improve your surfing.

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Go surfing more

Yep the most obvious and simple way to improve the more you surf the better you will get… If you live in a place where there’s surf, try and go out no matter what “as long as it’s safe” even just a small regular surf will help to reinforce your skill level and wave knowledge. If you live a bit further from the surf, then get in the water as much as possible to keep your body and mind used to the movement and to keep the progression coming.


If you don’t know already it’s a good time to start. Being flexible is really important for your surfing. Always a good idea to stretch before and after surf to help keep your body supple and loose to help with the flow of your movements and reduce the risk of cramps. If you don’t stretch you will find that your surfing style will become rigid and stiff. If you are really stiff, you surf stiff and have a stiff style. Keep nice and flexible and you will have a nice loose style. 5 minutes a day is all it takes.

Improve your Fitness

Specifically surf fitness making sure your training for the right thing by copying function surfing movement patterns that you’re going to be performing in the water improving your strength power and endurance will only help to make more time on a board key area such as paddle exercise and cardiovascular fitness will help with paddling out and breathing were as increasing strength in your legs and core stability will help with power speed and balance in your turns.

Get the right board/ Boards for the right conditions

Having the right board under your feet can make all the difference and if you surfed a few different boards you will begin to feel the difference how some can turn quicker some can plane quicker and some paddle easier. There is no such thing a perfect all round board great in 1-20 foot waves but you can have a range of boards to cover all the possible condition a quiver of specifically designed boards for 1-4 foot or 4-8 foot surf will all require different styles and shapes of board to get you the optimum performance, surfing different shapes and size boards will help to increase your surfing ability and repeater of skills to get a guide on what board you need check out our guide

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Learn the right way

A lot of intermediate surfers still struggle with minor mistakes; with a surf instructor these mistakes can easily be fixed or even avoided! By learning the right way you’ll be a better surfer in no-time. You can book your private lessons here to improve your surfing bigtime!

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