The Benefits of Sunlight

Many people believe that exposing oneself to the sun’s rays for long periods of time or frequently can do a lot of damage to the body. In some cases, this can be true. However, studies have discovered the benefits sunlight has for humans, and why it is important for people to be exposed to a healthy amount of sun.
Sunlight triggers hormones in our brain that impact our moods. Being outside in the sun releases the hormone serotonin in our brain, which helps people feel at peace and relaxed. Depression is often associated with low levels of serotonin, which is why getting a healthy amount of sunlight is important for helping mood boosts. This can vary as the seasons change, and as the sun gradually disappears. One way serotonin can be triggered is through the eye, and this means the light coming from what we see affects how much serotonin is released. Colder seasons are typically darker to the eye, and they often produce less sunlight due to clouds and changing weather patterns. During these seasons, people are more likely to experience depression because of the lack of light their eyes received each day.
Not only is sunlight good for mental health, but it also benefits physical health. When someone is out in the sun for a certain period of time, their skin starts to create vitamin D, which has many health benefits. Vitamin D helps the body grow strong bones and heals few skin conditions. Increased vitamin D levels have been linked to overall healthy bodies. Going out in the sun in moderation can help increase vitamin D levels without overexposing the body to the sun.
Sometimes it can be hard to lay out in the sun for the simple reason of boosting one’s mood or increasing vitamin D levels, especially during colder seasons. There are some ways you can expose yourself to a healthy amount of sun without doing nothing. Surfing is a great way to get sunlight while getting exercise in an enjoyable way. Although in some regions of the world, this may be difficult given that their cold seasons often produce little to no sunlight. The island of Bali has a unique tropical climate that allows sunlight to shine at least part of the time in almost every season. Bali is also home to plenty of surf beaches, whether you are looking for world-class waves or beginner waves. Kuta Beach is a great place to start because it offers wave for surfers of all skills, whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Odysseys Surf School will help beginners get set up with boards, gear, and personal instructors for those aspiring to learn how to surf. This is the best way to receive the health benefits of sunlight while doing an incredibly uplifting activity.