The 14th Anniversary Odysseys Surf School


The Odysseys surf school team celebrated the 14th anniversary in June, and we are celebrating!
As with anything, milestones often make us reflect on what has happened and predict what will happen in the future.

Over the years, my team and I have had our fair share of great customers, challenging customers, staff dinners, sport, surf trip and Nyepi’s holiday together!
I call it The Odysseys Group family and as they say, it is amazing how quickly time flies when you are having fun!

One of my visions was to create an environment where people loved coming to work every day and were passionate about what they were doing.
And keep improve the services that focused on quality rather than quantity and took great care in our customers and our clients.

I am so very thankful to have my team and I am so grateful that we operate as a unit. What makes a team so special is the different opinions and ways of thinking brought together. We challenge each other and are constantly thinking of ways to innovate our processes for clients and strategize our thinking. I love what I do and I love working with my team and my clients every single day!

I am a strong believer that our core values and strong team will propel us in the right direction.
Congratulations to our dream team with another great milestone for our company!
As for right now, who would like some birthday cake?

Check out some moments we had during the party here

Till next year 🙂

Lentera Lenjaya

General Manager