Surfing in Bali

One of the most iconic activities to do in Bali is surfing. It doesn’t matter if you are already a pro or a beginner, Bali has it all. If you are not sure which beach is the best for you, then let’s start with Kuta Beach. First of all, Kuta is the number one surf spot to learn how to surf in Bali. Its beach breaks provide a safe place for all surfers, especially beginners. Thanks to shallow water, you will be able to reach the bottom sand, and you can easily walk to the place where you want to catch the waves as a beginner. Mellow, soft waves are great for learning how to stand up, and a sand bottom without any reef, corals or stone is best if you fall down (and well, you will fall down so many times, but that’s the beauty of learning, right?:) Last but not least, Kuta beach has its own lifeguards who are checking all your (water) steps.
When you pass the beginner level and you want to move to intermediate, you can still stay at Kuta Beach. Unbroken white waves and gentle gradient of white water allows you to surf at a considerable distance.
For all the adventurous souls who would love to learn how to surf, but are scared to try, it’s recommended to take surfing lessons. Surfing is so much fun, but first of all, you always need to keep yourself safe. Don’t play it cool. It’s better to take a few lessons before you start to try on your own. Maybe it looks super easy from the beach, but certain situations in the water require a lot of attention. There’s your board, waves, other surfers, other boards… that’s why it is so important to know, what exactly you should and shouldn’t do in the water.
When you’re thinking about quality and good service, Odysseys surf school is the goal. We have provided the best surf service for over 16 years. Odysseys surf school is one of the oldest surf schools in Kuta. With their own office in hotel Mercure Kuta (right on the beach), showers, lockers, a store and toilets, they make it super comfortable. You can choose a surf lesson you would like to take according to their daily schedule.
All the equipment provided and the environment is great, but the best part of Odysseys surf school are its surf instructors. Most of them are teaching from the beginnings of the surf school (itself). They are certified by the Australian Academy of Surfing instructors, and they have received bronze level training for Life Saving Surf Rescue and Senior First Aid of the International Standard. All the instructors speak English and Japanese. Even if your language skills are not so good, they will figure it out and explain it to you.
When your adventurous soul craves to learn how to surf, Kuta beach is THE PLACE. It is great for all surf levels. You can always have fun, but at the same time be safe and surf without a fear.