Surfboard Shapes

Are you looking to buy a new surfboard? There are tons of options to choose from between different brands, materials, shapes, and sizes. Every board is designed to be surfed a certain way and in certain conditions. The size and shape of the board determine how and when it should be surfed.
The most common surfboards can come in three types of materials: epoxy, fiberglass, and foam. Epoxy boards are lightweight and more buoyant than a fiberglass board. Fiberglass boards are more prone to dings and board damage but are usually preferred by advanced surfers because of their performance capabilities. Foam boards, also known as “soft-tops” are the cheapest type of board and are very buoyant and stable.
The length of a board is usually correlated with the conditions it will be surfed in. A longboard is typically anywhere from 8-11ft long. They are used in small to medium/large surf. They are generally used for cruising, turning and walking up and down the nose. Short boards are chosen based on the size and weight of the person surfing it. They are usually around the size of the person, either a few inches taller or shorter. Short boards are designed for high-performance maneuvers on medium to large waves. The short length of the board makes it easier to build momentum on the wave execute a maneuver.
Some common surfboard shapes around the tail are called squash, pin, and fish. Squash tails typically have a rounded square bottom. The squash-tail is intended to give the surfer the feel of a hard snap, with a little extra hold and better release. It allows for easier control and more stable maneuverability. Ideally, the squash-tail is used in medium to larger surf. A pin-tail is the most common tail used on guns, boards designed for big wave surfing. Its’ narrow width allows more water flow which excels in bigger conditions and for a surfer pursuing a large barrel. A fish tail looks like it has two wide fins on the back of the board. The wider tail performs great in small conditions and is ideally surfed as a twin fin.
Beginner surfers usually start on longboards made out of foam. It is easy to catch waves and stand up on them because of their buoyancy and thick rails. If you are a beginner learning how to surf, Odyssey Surf School will teach you how. They are located in Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia and offer high-quality equipment and instruction. You can choose from a large selection of foam or fiberglass boards. Bali is known for its fantastic surfing, spots so Odyssey Surf School is the best company to teach you how.
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