Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang

The Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang is on, with professional surfers who have been invited from around the world to compete with the top local surfers from Bali. The competition window is during the whole month of July, from the 1st-31st, which means it is currently about halfway through the waiting period. Surfers are excited to give outstanding performances to showcase their tube-riding skills in front of hundreds of fans who have gathered to witness this extraordinary event.
This break is known for its incredible tubes suited for surfers who want to ride inside the wave. Padang Padang’s perfectly shaped left barrel is craved by surfers everywhere, and it is one of the most well-known breaks in all of Indonesia. Considering Indonesia is home to a variety of world-class waves, Padang Padang has arguably the most ideal shape and consistency when a swell hits the area. Officiators have given the competition a month long waiting period because Bali’s peak swell season happens during May through September. During the Southern Hemispheres winter months, the swells are formed from the development of “strong low-pressure systems” from storms that travel across the Indian Ocean (Surfline). Typically, a large swell dominated from the west will result with impressive overhead surf suitable for a competition, which is predicted to arrive within the next several days.
This year’s line-up for the Rip Curl Cup contains a wide variety of all highly skilled surfers from different backgrounds which include eight international surfers from Hawaii, Australia and South Africa, and eight local surfers from Indonesia. A few among the list of international competitors will be last year’s defending champion Jack Robinson, world-famous pro surfers Taj Burrow and Mason Ho, and two talented younger surfers Benji Brand and Barron Mamiya. Participants representing Indonesia will be two time champion Mega Semadhi and a previous champion Gerut Widiarta along with the others (Surfline). This year’s Rip Curl Cup will be one to remember with its diverse line-up of fresh legs, former champions, talented locals, and world-wide legends.
Witnessing incredible surfers showcase their skills on a nearly perfect wave is an inspiring experience for all, especially those who have never surfed before. The incredible atmosphere of the event sparks interest and excitement for surfing in people who have possibly never even laid hands on board. For those who attend the event and develop a new passion for the sport can see what it’s like to ride a wave at Kuta Beach approximately 12.4 kilometers away from Padang Padang. Odysseys Surf School will provide those aspiring to learn how to surf with equipment and a personal instructor. The waves at Kuta Beach are best suited for beginners, which is why Odysseys Surf School is the best option for taking a surf lesson; it is located right across from the beach. The Rip Curl Cup continues to be a legendary event for world-wide surfers to come together to showcase their abilities and inspire fans to paddle out for their first time.

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