Refundable security deposit

Security deposit required for provided towel, rash vest and Locker Key

Dear all the customers to Odysseys Surf School

As you know, our surf lesson price includes key locker, clean towel and high quality rash vest to rent. As of August 1st 2017, security deposit for those 3 items will be required in cash. Please note this is refundable.

++ Security Deposit* for 3 items ++  

1 person= IDR 200.000 / USD 200

2-3 persons= IDR 400.000 / USD 400

4-6 persons= IDR 600.000 / USD 600

7-9 persons= IDR 800.000 / USD 800

10-12 persons= IDR 1.000.000 / USD 1000

More than 13 persons = IDR 1.500.000 / USD 1500


++ Penalty if lost … ++

Towel=USD 20/ IDR 200.000

Rash vest = USD 30 / IDR 300.000

Locker key = USD 5 / IDR 50.000


  1. Deposit for Locker key, towel and vest
  2. Keep your towel in your locker
  3.  Show your coupon to the lifeguard staff who is standing at the rash vest rack
  4. Grab your rash vest from the lifeguard staff
  5. Leave your locker key at reception during your lesson.

After Lesson

  1.  Return your key, rash vest and towel into the baskets at the reception
  2. Get your deposit refunded from receptionists

If you would like to book a surf lesson with the highest quality surf equipments, then please book from HERE . Please comment below if you have any questions about our deposit, provided equipments or facilities!