Recap: Odysseys Surf School goes to Java” trip

Last week Odysseys Surf School visited Java for a surf trip. During our time in Java we focused on giving something back to the community by providing them with supplies and surfboards, which we acquired through our CSR program: “A board for a smile”.



Our first stop was at Pantai Lenggokseno in South-East Java. This place is blessed with nice waves and friendly locals. Odysseys Surf School provided the local fishermen with rashguards to protect their skin from the burning sun. After this amazing place, it was time to hit the road again and head for the next destination.



The second stop was Jember. This is a small village of local fishermen. Just like we did at Pantai Lenggokseno, we provided the locals with rashguards, so their skin would be more protected while they are fishing in the burning sun.



Our third stop was at Pacitan, East-Java. We donated rashguards to the local fishermen and to the local surfers. Also, as part of our CSR program “ A board for a smile, we donated surfboards to the surfers. These local surfers are full of potential, we surely hope we gave them the opportunity to reach their very best.



After Pacitan, our next stop was at Pangandaran beach in West-Java. This place is amazing for everything from surfing to snorkeling, and everything in between. Again, we handed out our rashguards to the local fishermen. By giving them the rashguards, they are more protected from the sun while they are fishing or while they accompany their customers when they fish.




Our last stop was at Batu Karas, in West-Java. This place is famous for longboards and right-handed surf. Batu Karas is a beautiful place, filled with amazing people. We donated another four surfboards, which we acquired trough the “A board for a smile” program, to the Batu Karas Surf Club. For the fishermen and the locals who live and work in this area, we donated a box filled with rashguards and t-shirts. Our board shaper also repaired damaged boards while on location!


After this last location, our staff headed back to Kuta Beach, right here in Bali.