Odysseys 16th Anniversary

On Wednesday, July 3rd, Odysseys Surf School celebrated 16 years of teaching people how to stand up on a wave and surf. It has been a long incredible journey over the past 16 years, and we are thrilled to have celebrated these memorable times with amazing people. On Wednesday night, live music and laughter filled the air as people danced the night away in awe of the incredible journey Odysseys had accomplished. We cherish these memories and moments that we have experienced together, and we are excited to see what the future brings for Odysseys Surf School.
The night began with greetings and friendly chatter among family, friends, and colleagues. Some of the staff performed live music on stage to set the mood of the celebration and encouraged others to get up and dance. Excitement arose when friendly games began among the staff, which included a runway game and a dancing game. The staff jokingly participated in the games with great enthusiasm, causing a wave of hilarity and amusement over the crowd. Later on, a video was shown highlighting important and memorable moments from the past 16 years. The night ended with joyful dancing as the staff cheered on the performers who once again continued to wow the audience with their talented musical abilities. All this was possible by the simple gathering of amazing people with similar passions.
Odysseys Surf School has become the best surf school in Bali because of its passionate instructors, staff, the abundance of equipment, and most reasonable surf location for beginners – Kuta Beach. For 16 years, Odysseys has been the catalyst for many aspiring surfers, helping people all over the world stand up on their first wave. Surfing is a feeling that many people on this earth do not get to experience, whether that be because of their location; they don’t know where to even begin, or for financial reasons. Odysseys masks these obstacles by providing full equipment and instruction at reasonable prices all at Kuta Beach – the best beach in Bali for beginner surfers. Odysseys even reassure their customers that if they do not stand up their first lesson, they will get a second one for free to ensure that the customer gets the full surfing experience that they desire.
Odysseys Surf School would like to thank everyone that helped make the past 16 years an incredible experience. To view the photo gallery from the anniversary event, please visit the Odysseys Facebook page.